Wednesday, 30 March 2011

[CLOSED] - 20cn and 21cn outage

BT Wholesale appear to having a major outage, we’ve just seen all connections on the 20CN Reading RAS’, and 21CN Slough RAS’ drop – this is where BT’s network connects back to, rather than dependant upon the location your ADSL service is provided to.
This is a major BT outage affecting large parts of the UK, we’re awaiting an update from them at this time.


BT have confirmed that engineers are on site and are still investigating the current DSL Outage.

We are awaiting further updates


BT Wholesale have restored service to most customers during the night, however there maybe some intermittent results which are still under investigation.

Some customers may need to powercycle their equipment to restore service.
Any customers receiving the BT holding page will need to powerdown their router/modem for 20 minutes to clear any stale sessions.


We are still awaiting the reason for this outage, once received this post will be updated.