Friday, 29 October 2010

[Closed] - 20cn ADSL Connectivity

Dear Customer,

We are currently investigating issues with 20cn ADSL connectivity,

Some users may have lost connection.

Once we have an update from our engineers an update will be sent.


The current 20cn outage has been identified as a BT nationwide outage.

We are currently awaiting details/ETA from BT Wholesale.


BT Wholesale confirm just some of the areas affected are:

    * Northern Ireland
    * Scotland
    * London
    * Newcastle

BT are unable to confirm when the next update will be at this time, but all their efforts are being put into resolving this MSO.


Engineers are on-site and working to resolve the incident. Next update is due after 21.45


Engineer is still onsite working to resolve the outage, next update is due at 22.30.


This outage has now been resolved by BT Wholesale, and we can see most affected users are back online from approximately 00.30.

If you are unable to connect now please power off your router for 20 minutes, and then try to connect again once it has been powered back up.

Thank you.