Friday, 21 October 2011

[CLOSED] All BT ADSL lines are down

BT ADSL lines are down
There is a BT outage in Stepeny Green where we (and others) interconnect in to BT.

BT have raised an Incident and are aware of a problem

Update: 9:15
Lines are coming back - most 20cn circuits are back online

For 21CN circuits please power off your router for at least 20 minutes then retest as you may have the BT termination IP address starting 172.*.*.*

This incident is now closed.

The issue was also reported by ThinkBroadband

Friday, 14 October 2011

[CLOSED] Sheffield Major Service Outage

BT currently have a major outage at Sheffield affecting a large surrounding area of South Yorkshire and the Midlands.

IMT32513/11 21CN CORE/METRO NODE : SHEFFIELD : LOSS OF SERVICE:Service affecting:Total Loss;

Estimated restore time: 14-10-2011 13:20:00


Today 16:25:00 BT confirm that they are aware of the issue, and have re-opened the earilier incident they had.


Today 16:52:00 There appears to be an issue with a card on the BRAS and BT are  currently sourcing a replacement

Estimated Completion Date: 14/10/2011 18:00:00

Lines came back up at approx 8pm on Friday.